Conventional – Portables

Note: Batteries sold with Portable radios are used except when stated otherwise. Used batteries have been tested OK but carry No Warranty


Motorola HT1250

Motorola HT1250 VHF 128 Ch Portable Radios, technician tested and suppled with Antenna, New Battery & desktop charger with transformer.


Qty. Available: 15
Condition: Good
Price: $250 US /ea

Motorola HT750 VHF

Motorola HT750 VHF 16 Channel Portable Radios. Model AAH25KDC9AA3AN

Supplied with Antenna, New Battery, Speaker, Mic & desktop charger with transformer.

Quantity: 9
Condition: Very Good
Price: $215 US/ea.

Motorola BPR40

Motorola BPR40 Portables, technician tested.

Supplied with Antenna, used battery & desktop charger

Quantity: 11
Condition: Good
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