Bird Technologies TX/RX Ceramic Cavity Combiners in 6 & 8 Channel Configurations

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For Sale: Qty of Bird Technologies TX/RX Ceramic Cavity Combiners in 8 & 6 channel configurations 763-776 MHz. 44-83C-50-1D-A Series. Pre owned but used for staging purposes only for a P25 – Ph2 Trunked radio system – all in excellent condition. Manuals & Alignment Documentation will accompany. Most have hardware in unopened bags from Bird TX/RX. Every Combiner has Circulators, Coax, Heatsinks and Dummy Loads built onto the unit. Circulators are attached to the input of each channel. Attached to the Circulators are small white coaxial Cables that connect to the individual Dummy Loads that are attached to the golden Heat Sink. SMA Connector can be seen extending out and small white coaxial cables attached to them. Note that each 8 Ch Combiner has $1200 worth of Circulators on it. Purchaed new, these Combiners listed in the $12K range.Combiners are stored in a climate controlled facility and will be shipped from the USA. Shipping is paid by the buyer with cost dependent on final destination and mode of transport. Reasonable Offers welcome.700 MHz Ceramic Combiners