At Bro-Comm we have always offered brokering services. New is to dedicate a portion of our web page exclusively to this service. That means vendors can have their equipment advertised on the world wide web with all necessary information and pictures included with each listing.


As a vendor, you fill out our WANTING TO SELL page and we will take it from there. Visuals always help sell a product so if you have pictures which accurately portray what it is you wish to sell, please include them along with as much information as possible.


Listing your equipment is FREE. If a buyer is located and a sale is transacted, you owe us a 15% brokering fee. This fee is payable to us when you receive payment from the buyer. A broker’s agreement will be emailed to the vendor before any listing goes live.


If you are looking for specific products, This service could help you find them. Please fill out and email us your wish list on the WANTING TO PURCHASE page and we will advertise your request for you. 


We reserve the right to engage on other venues for promotional purposes at no cost to the seller.