Bird TX/TX 700/800 Ceramic Cavity Combiners

Bird Technologies TX/TX 700/800 Ceramic Cavity Combiners

Model No 44-83C/83D-50-1D-A Series consisting of: 19 Ea 8 Ch Combiners, 36 Ea 6 Channel, 01 Ea 4 Ch, 02 Ea 2 Ch.

These Combiners are all in Like New condition and were used only in the staging & testing phase of a large P25 P2 Trunked Radio System.

Original Manuals and alignment documentation will accompany Combiners.

Most still have their hardware in unopened bags from Bird TX/RX.

Also available are 5 Brand New Emerson Equipment Cabinets: 3 - 7' & 2 - 3.5'. Some have optional fan units installed. All equipment is housed in a climate controlled facility.

These units sold new for between $9K - $12K... Total cost was $600K.

Vendor will look at all offers. Currency is USD. Equipment is in the US. Crating & Shipping cost is paid by the buyer. Buy 1, buy some or buy them all. Vendor wants them gone!!

Qty. Available: 50+
Condition: Excellent
Call if Interested

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